Get help

If you work in health and social care, and you have a problem or dispute with your boss, then we would like to help you. We don’t mediate, we always side with workers, and we fight to win.

Currently our members are involved in a number of campaigns, including:

  • Supporting a group of home care workers to get paid fairly for their travel time.
  • Supporting a group of adult care workers to get proper supervision and training.
  • Supporting mental health staff to manage their workloads.

We won’t ever charge you for helping you.

You don’t have to join us to get help from us (although it’s better if you do!)

We’re a small group and we can’t guarantee we can help in every dispute, but we will always meet with you, to talk through your situation and see what we can do. We will never ‘take over’ your campaign. We won’t do anything without agreeing it with you first.

We are not a service provider-we will try and work with you and your workmates to help you fix your problems. We won’t fix your problems for you.

We can give some legal advice, however we are not lawyers. We campaign using protests, direct actions, pickets, strikes and other similar strategies. We don’t have the time or money to fight long, drawn-out court battles.

To talk to us about an issue, email us on