Fight racism at work-no borders in the NHS!

The Government want to bring in mandatory charging of some non-UK born NHS patients, under the Immigration Act. Bristol Care Workers Network believes that no-one should be denied access to care, least of all because of their race, country of origin or their access to money. We intend to show the Government that healthcare workers won’t enforce their racist agenda.  We will fight these measures.

We are meeting to plan our campaign on Sunday 29th of October. If you work in the NHS or other affected organizations, use NHS services, or if the idea of turning healthcare workers into border guards just makes you feel a bit queasy,  Then come and lend a hand. Contact us at for more info.

Please note: We intend to run this campaign according to the principles of our organisation. As such, this meeting is not open to senior managers, serving police officers, members of nationalist or fascist political organisations or members of the Socialist Workers Party and its various front groups. We’re a friendly bunch, but we have limits 😉

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